Selected Press

  Product-Mix Auction
5-minute film published by the Guardian, 12-7-13
article in Britain in 2015
articles in Economist, 19-10-12; Economist 14-7-12; Financial Times, 9-4-11; and Editorial, VoxEU, 25-9-09, etc
interview in TSEconomist, 9-15 (see qus 3-10)
description in The Undercover Economist (pgs 199-204, 2011 edition)
  Bank Capital Regulation and “Equity Recourse Notes”
article in Economist on “Equity Recourse Notes”, 16-5-15
Editorial on "ERNs" and Bank Capital Regulation, VoxEU, 29-8-13
"ERNs" and Bank Capital Regulation, Financial Times, 29-8-13, and 19-9-13; Financial World, 11-13; (Canadian) Globe and Mail, 19-2-14, and National Post, 5-3-14;
  More on Financial Crisis
Central Bank Auctions, Regulation2point0, 6-8-10, etc
Reorganising the Banks, Financial Times, 4/5-4-09, and Editorial, VoxEU, 21-3-09
“Toxic Asset” Auctions, Financial Times, 10/11-1-09, and Editorial, VoxEU, 25-9-09.

Climate Change (written many years ago but, sadly, just as relevant today)

Why Economists Don't Know All the Answers about Climate Change. Editorial, Financial Times, 11-5-07 (and Britain in 2008 and VoxEU)
If Climate Sceptics are Right, It is Time to Worry. Editorial, Financial Times, 29-2-08
Priorities in Fighting Climate Change. Editorial, VoxEU, 13-12-07 (and FT Economists' Forum)
Emission Permit Auctions. Letter, Financial Times, 9-6-08
  Intellectual Property
Editorial on Patents, Financial Times, 2-3-04, etc., Letter, Times, 23-3-09
  Telecom Auctions
Editorial on Effects of 3G Auctions on Telecoms Industry, Financial Times, 26-11-02, etc.
Editorials on Auctions vs Beauty Contests, Wall Street Journal, 5-10-00, etc.
Spectrum Auctions, Financial Times, 8-11-00
  Interviews etc.
Interview in TSEconomist, 9-15
Interview in Financial Engineering News, 4-7-04
Interview in Times Higher Education Supplement, 16-6-00, etc.
Reviews of My Book, Auctions: Theory and Practice in Financial Times, 10-6-04, etc.

Preserving Habitats for Endangered Species, Economist, 24-7-21; and Financial Times, 23-7-21

Editorial on Google IPO, Financial Times, 3-5-04; Economist, 8-5-04; and Postscript, 24-8-04
Tobacco, Economist, 22-5-99; and New York Times, 29-11-98
Editorial on Frequent-Flyer Programs, Los Angeles Times
BSkyB/Manchester United, Economist, 20-3-99
Market Frenzies and Crashes, Financial Times, 3/4-6-06
Dissolving a Partnership, Financial Times, 15-5-04 and 24/25-9-05
E-commerce, Independent, 12-10-00
  More on Auctions
Editorial on Auctions, Wall Street Journal, 9-11-00
More on Spectrum Auctions, Reuters, 27-4-00; Reuters, 23-10-00; Economist, 15-4-00; and Business Week 29-11-00, etc.
More on Auctions, New York Times, 1-8-02; Economist, 29-6-02; Observer, 23-4-00; Independent, 26-2-01; Business Week, 20-3-00; Financial Times, 16/17-9-06; Forbes, 14-12-06; and Financial Times(Alphaville), 12-1-07
  Selected foreign press
Spanish: El Pais 19/11/00, translation; Cinco Dias 23/11/00 (with picture), El Pais 20/7/00, translation; El Tribuno 19/11/06; Clarin 20/11/06 (with picture)
Italian: Il Sole 24 Ore 24/10/00, translation
Chinese:2 articles with pictures; TARP article 15/1/09
German: Interview 22/8/00, translation
Dutch: ESB 9/6/00, translation; De Volksrant 29/8/00, translation; Handelsblad 30/6/00, translation.